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    Effective learning to help us be better, safer, and make fewer errors in everything we do.

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    Regarding Corona Virus

    An Abundance of Caution

    At Bright Spot, our goal is to help people to be better and safer. As the country opens up and recovery from the pandemic continues, we are cautiously returning to live, on-site events. Please contact us with your request for an onsite event and we will work together to evaluate your needs and to provide a safe event for all.

  • What We Do

    WE help people to be better at what THEY do.


    To err is human...but we can all learn to be better!

    Our cognitive approach is based on our expertise in human factors.


    Fewer errors means fewer accidents!

    We can learn to be safer in everything we do.

  • Services

    Let us help you or your company to Be Better!


    Pre-made Online Courses

    We have a variety of programs and courses available. Our "Being Better" program is designed to, well, be better. Check out our specialized aviation programs, most valid for FAA Wings Credit.


    Check out our partial course list


    Custom Designed Courses

    Lessons learned from our extensive involvement in aviation safety can be applied to any high-stakes industry. We will design a program to help reduce errors, improve productivity, and increase safety. Our unique, high-level courses are highly interactive and include simulations. No need for your own learning management system. We have an extremely cost effective solution.


    Do you need a custom course to teach a process or the operation of a specific piece of equipment? Our course design experts will work closely with your subject matter experts to create a high-level course that includes detailed simulations.



    Our "Ivory Towers to..." Programs

    Our "Ivory Towers to..." series of highly successful, practical programs take academic knowledge of human factors and apply it to error reduction in several industries. Full programs run sixteen hours total or choose from the list of modules to to create a partial programs to meet the needs of your company. Programs currently available include aviation maintenance, surgery, dentistry, and fire/rescue.



    Live On-Site or Virtual Programs

    We work closely with our clients to create outstanding virtual products. No project is too big or too small. Whether a complete trade show or conference, or a webinar or online training course, we will produce a dynamic yet cost effective product.


    Contact us for a no-cost, no-obligation, no-pressure consultation. Contact us today!


  • Aviation Learning

    The following courses are presently available to groups such as flying clubs or EAA chapters via live, interactive webcast. Contact us for a no-obligation price quote.

    Human Factors Ground School - Live (Basic)

    Valid for All 3 FAA Wings Credits at the Basic Level (Basic Knowledge-1, Basic Knowledge-2, Basic Knowledge-3)

    Nearly all aviation accidents have their roots in human error. This updated course will present basic human factors and apply them to Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM) and Risk Management. The influence of the unconscious mind, including our cognitive biases, is explored without the psychobabble, but with practical application examples. Some accident analyses are presented to illustrate important concepts. Live, virtual presentation with limited enrollment to facilitate discussion.

    Course fee: $199/per person

    Last offered in January 2022. Contact us for next scheduled event.

    Also available as a special live virtual presentation for flying clubs or other groups with discounted pricing.


    Human Factors for Pilots (Advanced)

    Valid for both FAA Wings Knowledge Credits at the Advanced Level (Advanced Knowledge-1, Advanced Knowledge-2

    This interactive course builds upon the basic concepts by delving deeper into the human decision making processes with the goal of making better decisions. The impact of our cognitive biases is examined and practical scenario simulations are provided.

    Completion time is approximately 3.5 hours

    Course fee: info@brightspotschools.com

    Human Factors for Pilots (Master)

    Valid for both FAA Wings Knowledge Credits at the Master Level (Master Knowledge-1, Master Knowledge-2

    Building on the Basic and Advanced Levels, this interactive course serves as a capstone to human factors as they impact aviation safety. The interactivity of the various factors is illustrated through examples. This course is highly interactive with many simulations to take the pilot through practical, real-world scenarios.

    Completion time is approximately 3.5 hours

    Course fee: info@brightspotschools.com

    Combating Mental Inertia

    Valid for 1 FAA Wings Knowledge Credit at the Basic Level (Basic Knowledge-3)

    It is widely recognized that humans tend to continue with a task once it is started. Pilots sometimes continue with a flight even when evidence indicates that the plan should be changed or abandoned.

    This course examines the forces in the unconscious mind that cause this behavior and provides some practical mitigation strategies to improve safety.

    The course will require approximately one hour to complete. A final quiz at the completion of the course is required to earn FAA Wings credit. Successful completion of the course and the quiz is valid for one Basic Knowledge-3 credit in the FAA Wings Pilot Proficiency Program.

    Course fee: Free. Click here to enroll.


    Urgent Decision Making

    Valid for 1/2 Wings credit Basic Knowledge-1

    Created primarily for pilots, this course discusses three kinds of decision making, but focuses on urgent decision making. The course draws from recent research on how the unconscious mind can influence decision making and how it can be trained to make better decisions when seconds matter.

    Course fee: Free. Click here to enroll.


  • The Being Better Program

    Program Overview

    From an individual to a small group or for the whole company, we can Be Better!

    More than three years in development and continually being expanded, the program explains how our humanness often interferes with our decision making and negatively impacts our performance. But to help us be better at everything we do, it provides practical improvement techniques derived from accepted human factors principles. Its dynamic interactivity keeps attendees engaged and facilitates learning through the use of exercises and demonstrations. 

    The program is easily adaptable for use by individuals or in a wide variety of industries and organizations. The core program is suitable for any individual who wants to make better decisions and have improved overall performance. 

    Special editions of the program have been created for use in human medicine, veterinarian medicine, aviation maintenance, aviation flight operations, fire service, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and surface transportation. The program is also easily adaptable for use in high-value manufacturing, and all mission critical industries. 

    This engaging program can be effectively delivered live, on-site or live via webcast. Our webcast system is well-suited to interactivity so that live discussion between the presenter(s) and attendees is easily accomplished. The program is also well-suited for use at hybrid events. These events are produced at the Bright Spot facilities and delivered via webcast simultaneously to multiple locations with each location having a facilitator for local discussion. 

    The program features three levels each requiring approximately six hours of engagement. Attendees may elect to achieve a basic level of competency, primarily in the area of error reduction by completing Level 1. Completion of Level 2 will build on the concepts of Level 1 to explore how to be better at almost everything by learning more about interpersonal skills, identifying and dealing with personality traits, teamwork, delivering and conducting meetings, effective questioning, negotiating, and more. Level 3 seeks to raise the bar to the highest level of learning, correlation, so that the concepts can be applied to solve real world problems and to help others be better at almost everything they do. Those who successfully complete all three levels, will be awarded a certificate as a Human Factors Practitioner.

  • Being Better Courses

    More courses coming soon!

    Being Better - Level 1

    Gain an understanding of our humanness and learn how to be better and safer at everything.

    Chapters include: To Err is Human, Our Human Limitations, The Psychology of Being Human, Sinister Siblings (Stress & Fatigue), Human Error Facilitators, Decision Making, and Interpersonal Communication. This interactive program includes scenario simulations to provide practice in "Being Better."

    Completion time is approximately 8 hours.

    Available as online course or as live, interactive webcast

    Course fee: Request a quote info@brightspotschools.com

    Being Better - Level 2

    We might call this course "Better Yet!"

    This interactive course concentrates on building better interpersonal relationships, improving personal and performance skills, and working better in groups and teams. Learn how to create and implement a "Continuous Improvement Program" for yourself, your team, and your company.

    Prerequisite course: being Better - Level 1

    Completion time is approximately 8 hours

    Available as online course or as live, interactive webcast

    Course fee: Request a quote info@brightspotschools.com

    Error Reduction for the Manufacturing Industry

    A Special Targeted Edition of Being Better

    Aimed at the front lines of manufacturing, this interactive program has proven to significantly reduce human error in the workplace. By learning more about the root causes of errors, we can avoid, trap, and mitigate the effects of errors thereby reducing waste and increasing productivity. Can be branded and/or customized for your company. Contact us for more information 

    Completion time is approximately 2 hours, but can be taken online as 12 modules of approximately 10 minutes each.

    Available as online course or as live, interactive webcast

    Course fee: Request a quote info@brightspotschools.com

    Error Reduction for Management

    A Special Targeted Edition of Being Better

    The higher up in the company a person is, the more costly are his or her errors can be. This program has been specially formulated for middle management through the C-Suite and can be branded and/or customized for your company. Contact us for more information,

    Completion time is approximately 4 hours.

    Available as online course or as live, interactive webcast

    Course fee: Request a quote info@brightspotschools.com

    Coming Soon! The Being Better Academy

    Featuring online content plus live, interactive virtual sessions

    Bright Spot Schools is happy to showcase the newest edtion to the Bright Spot Family, The Being Better Academy! The Academy will be featuring lively programs designed for today's busy lifestyle. Programs will include practical courses flexible scheduling and completion options. Click here to subscribe to the Being Better Academy mailing list.

  • The Being Better Blog

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     By Gene Benson  Our decisions matter. The importance of our decisions canrange from relatively insignificant to critical. Some decisions are made afterconsiderable thought and analysis while others must be made within a fewminutes and with incomplete information. A few must be made within...
    October 27, 2020
    By Gene Benson There has been some recent buzz about how a to-do list is a hinderance rather than a help. The argument is that we might look at the to-do list and choose an item that is easy to do, complete it and have a sense of accomplishment, while leaving more difficult or more unpleasant...
    by Gene Benson Much has been written about learning from our mistakes. Accident analysis is all about learning from the mistakes of others. But we can kick that up a notch by also learning from the accident or incident that was narrowly avoided. Aviation has been a leader in looking at the...
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