• The Being Better Program

    Program Overview

    From an individual to a small group or for the whole company, we can Be Better!

    More than three years in development and continually being expanded, the program explains how our humanness often interferes with our decision making and negatively impacts our performance. But to help us be better at everything we do, it provides practical improvement techniques derived from accepted human factors principles. Its dynamic interactivity keeps attendees engaged and facilitates learning through the use of exercises and demonstrations.
    The program is easily adaptable for use by individuals or in a wide variety of industries and organizations. The core program is suitable for any individual who wants to make better decisions and have improved overall performance.
    Special editions of the program have been created for use in human medicine, veterinarian medicine, aviation maintenance, aviation flight operations, fire service, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and surface transportation. The program is also easily adaptable for use in high-value manufacturing, and all mission critical industries.
    This engaging program can be effectively delivered live, on-site or live via webcast. Our webcast system is well-suited to interactivity so that live discussion between the presenter(s) and attendees is easily accomplished. The program is also well-suited for use at hybrid events. These events are produced at the Bright Spot facilities and delivered via webcast simultaneously to multiple locations with each location having a facilitator for local discussion.
    The program features three levels each requiring approximately six hours of engagement. Attendees may elect to achieve a basic level of competency, primarily in the area of error reduction by completing Level 1. Completion of Level 2 will build on the concepts of Level 1 to explore how to be better at almost everything by learning more about interpersonal skills, identifying and dealing with personality traits, teamwork, delivering and conducting meetings, effective questioning, negotiating, and more. Level 3 seeks to raise the bar to the highest level of learning, correlation, so that the concepts can be applied to solve real world problems and to help others be better at almost everything they do. Those who successfully complete all three levels, will be awarded a certificate as a Human Factors Practitioner.