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  • Human Factors Ground School

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  • Lesson #1: Human Factors Basics - Hazards, Risk, and Aeronautical Decision Making

    Threat and Error Management

    Threat and Error Management

    Download the FAA document Runway Incursion Avoidance by clicking here.

  • Lesson #1 Quiz

    The following quiz is presented for practice purposes only. It is not required to earn course credit, but the questions might look familiar when you take the required FAA quiz at the end of the course. (See HFGS 2019 Question Bank in HFGS 2019 folder)

  • Lesson #2 - Human Factors in Limitations, Systems, Performance, and Loss of Control

    Click here to download the FAA document "Getting the Maximum from Personal Minimums"

  • Lesson #2 Quiz

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  • Lesson #3: The Dirty Dozen - Part 2

  • Lesson #3 Quiz

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  • Lesson #4: Understanding Our Humanness

    The following short video illustrates how three common cognitive biases can work together and greatly increase the risk of having an accident.

  • Lesson #4 Quiz

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